SOK x iliveglobally
events & collaborations for expats and English speaking community of Moscow by SOK x iliveglobally
what to expect
moderated by Elena Davydova, Learning & Development expert, trainer and facilitator
for working parents
we organize kids care service for children 6+ years old. children will be in another meeting room with our experienced, smart, funny and caring Mary Poppins

*a prior reservation is a must
22 June, Wed, 7pm at SOK, Zemlyanoy Val, 8
◇ 7pm - arrivals & drinks
◇ 7.30 - pitching starts
◇ 7.50 - networking
business & creative projects
◇ introduce yourself
◇ introduce your project
◇ amazing | unexpectable fact
◇ how you can be useful - we help people to achieve something through something
hobbies, leisure & culture
◇ hobbies, leisure & culture
◇ introduce yourself
◇ what would you do if money is not a reason to work
◇ which art are you most interested in? Visual are? Dance? Music?
◇ which piece you can associate yourself is?
learning & education
◇ introduce yourself
◇ what is your super power?
◇ what you can teach other people to do
◇ what would you like to learn from others?
social media
◇ introduce yourself
◇ share your SM accounts
◇ share your SM most inspiring accounts you follow
◇ share your SM tips & know-hows

further plans
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◇ a book discussion club, in English
◇ networking events of all kinds
◇ music events, listening sessions and pop-up evenings
◇ retreats
◇ workshops
◇ excursions and art lectures
◇ weekend trips
◇ business presentations
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